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Recap of "The Gaia Paradigm – a scientific and metaphoric bridge for education"

This was a live online webinar presented Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 3:00 pm US eastern time.

A full transcript of the chat can be downloaded below.

Download TXT • 11KB

In this enlightening and engaging webinar, Martin Ogle delved into the rich history of the term "Gaia" and its transformation from a concept in Earth Science to a cornerstone of Earth System Science. He compellingly made the case that the metaphor of "Gaia" holds immense potential in addressing the pressing challenges confronting our society today. Ogle proposed the notion of a "Gaia Paradigm," which seamlessly merges scientific and cultural perspectives of Earth as a living system, can offer valuable context, content, and inspiration for education. Throughout the event, participants from diverse backgrounds and locations joined the discussion, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary learning, early exposure to Earth's interconnected systems, and the role of media in promoting ecological education. The webinar underscored the urgency of embracing a holistic view of our planet as we navigate the complex issues of our time. The webinar concluded with participants expressing their gratitude and interest in further exploration of these ideas.


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