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NEREID is on YouTube!

As our successful Convergence On Tap! series continues, NEREID has launched a YouTube platform to share speakers’ presentations from previous events. The channel’s first post highlights “Secret Oceans: Below and Beyond”, which was held on September 23, 2021. Deep-sea biologist Tim Shank (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) kicked things off with a fascinating glance into underwater exploration on Earth, followed by NASA Program Scientist Curt Niebur’s (Planetary Science Division in the Science Mission Directorate) presentation about visiting the hidden oceans on Saturn’s moon Europa. Catherine Cramer (Woods Hole Institute) moderated the session. Don’t miss this exciting recap and be sure to join NEREID for our upcoming event “Anarchy in the Sea and Sky?” on January 19, 2022 at 7:30 pm EST (registration required)!

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